Healthcare musketeers

I dream of healthcare without borders. Borders – mostly built of status, tradition and fear – exist in the minds of some people and can function as a ‘stop’ sign. It stops people to reach out to each other, dare to see each other and make healthcare the best possible.
Healthcare needs compassion, courage and a ‘yes’-mentality, both from patients as well as doctors, nurses etc. This can be facilitated by technology. Technology breaks down borders, it is unbounded.
But technology cannot live and be of service without a spirit, a fundamental basis. A basis consisting of dreams, hope and the inner will to make the world a better place. Technology cannot live without care.
I dream of healthcare musketeers, shoulder-to-shoulder, working together for one goal: people feeling better and getting better. I hope patients will have the opportunity to help break down borders and show healthcare professionals what is really needed. At first: just by being. Professionals catching the stories by listening.
My personal dream is to integrate both. I am experienced through my own congenital illness. The brittle bone disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which acts as a life long university in healthcare, in people and life in general. I developed professional skills in University; Consultancy and Medical Sociology and have a lot of working experience.
With this cocktail of experiences, after graduation, I dream of becoming a professional musketeer myself. As a matter of fact: I think I already operate as a musketeer. I personally feel and see what needs to be done. My head is full of ideas and with this immense passion I am convinced this vision of healthcare makes it cheaper, safer, more caring and even fun.


Let me help! I dare to break down borders, despite of, and thanks to, my own brittle bones. Healthcare needs unbreakable power and compassion!


Will you join?